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Mid Consistency Pressure Screen
Mid Consistency Pressure Screen

It is suitable for heat screening of wood pulp or straw pulp, rough screening, or fine screening of chemical pulp and waste pulp. Compared with the general low concentration pressure screen, the medium concentration pressure screen has the characteristics of strong adaptability, energy-saving, water-saving, and high production efficiency.

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Realize Mid consistency screening in the pulp-making system, simplify flow sheet, save water and reduce power consumption.
An automatic controlling system in the pipeline improves production efficiency.
Multi wing block design, no winding, mild pulse, clean pulp screening, high pulse frequency, and large production capacity.
It has the advantages of less thickening in a screening area, high screening efficiency, and long screen basket life.

mid consistency pressure screen 1a

Technical Data

Nominal Area:(㎡)0.250.380.761.061.421.882.272.953.544.83
Inlet Consistency:(%)1—4
Inlet Pressure:(MPa)0.15-0.4
 Motor Power:(KW)15-2211-3722-7530-9037-11025-13255-16075-20075-220132-280

mid consistency pressure screen 3a