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Inflow Pressure Screen
Inflow Pressure Screen

It is used for screening the low consistency pulp, wood-pulp, straw pulp, and waste paper. also used as a fine screen before the paper machine.

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Inflow structure, low pulse, good effect of homogenate.
Equipped with automatic refueling and mechanical seal water flow monitoring device, reserved bearing temperature rise, high degree of automation of vibration detection sensor interface.
No gaskets companion flange pulp outlet, inwall is polished. Seamless connection of flow pipeline, no fiber hitching.
Advanced structure, strong and durable, easy disassembly and assembly, simple operation, less continuous work failure, reduce maintenance costs.

inflow pressure screen 2

inflow pressure screen 3

inflow pressure screen 4

Technical Data

Nominal Area:(㎡)0.7511.321.92.542.773.364.375.376.47.66
Inlet Consistency:(%)0.15-1.0
Inlet Pressure:(MPa)0.1-0.40.1-0.6
Motor Power:(KW)18.5222230374545557590110

inflow pressure screen 5

inflow pressure screen 7