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The hydrapurger is used together with the sediment well to remove a large amount of light and a small amount of heavy impurity from the pulper in the waste paper treatment process of the pulp and paper industry.

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The specially designed rotor can effectively avoid the disintegration and refinement of impurities.
The impurities can be discharged according to different specific gravity.
The impurities in the pulp should be removed as soon as possible, so as to reduce the burden of the pulper and the subsequent process equipment.
Equipped with an automatic control system, the slag discharge process is convenient and reliable.
The openable front cover design makes maintenance more convenient.

hydrapurger 2

hydrapurger 3

Technical Data

Nominal Volume(m3)1.235
Consistency (%)4-5
Production Capacity(t/d)15-4540-12060-150
Motor Power(kw)4575132

hydrapurger 4