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High Consistency Pulper
High Consistency Pulper

The high consistency pulper is mainly used in the deinking process of waste paper. Under the condition of high concentration and water temperature of 60-90℃, the pulping can be done quickly. At the same time, through the action of chemicals, the ink particles and fibers can be separated, and the ink particles and impurities can keep the original size as much as possible, so that the following processes such as ink removal, screening and purification can be carried out smoothly Save steam, medicine, and power consumption. High consistency pulper has become one of the indispensable core equipment in Deinking pulping process.

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The special screw rotor has a strong ability to dredge pulp without damaging impurities.
It can be used to treat the pulp with high concentration (12-18%), and the pulp can be fully dispersed.
Compact structure, convenient operation, and maintenance.

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Technical Data

Processing Capacity(t/d)20-2540-5060-7080-100130-185160-225
Motor power(KW)110220315400450500

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